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Welcoming to 87th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Traditional Day and responding to youth’s months 2018, on March 24 Youth Union - Students’ Association of TBUMP held the first “ Healthy Youth Sports Day 2018” competition. This was a large-scale program with a lot of games: badminton, chess, tug of war, 100 metres athletics and relay race.
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Atheletes attending the opening ceremony
Mr. Nguyễn Duy Cường ( Assoc. Prof, Ph.D), Deputy Secretary of Communist, Vice Headmaster of TBUMP; along with Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Bái (Assoc. Prof, Ph.D), Vice Headmaster of TBUMP; Master. Trịnh Thành Vinh, Secretary of  Youth Union, Chairman of Students’ Association of  TBUMP; Mr. Đỗ Văn Châu , Vice Director of Physical Education, Representative of refrees and teachers of Physical Education attended the opening ceremony and encouraged all athletes.
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Recording and highly appreciating the preparation for the competition and students’ sportmanship, Mr. Nguyễn Duy Cường ( Assoc. Prof, Ph.D) was pleased to encourage the athletes and wished them to have high achievement. He hoped that after the tournament, each student would have positive attitude to sports activities to improve health, and he also wanted it to be the premise to hold more similar competitions in the future. The tournament was attended by nearly 400 athletes. With the enthusiastic support of more than 1,000 fans, the Dormitory of International Students of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy never had such exciting atmosphere.
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The first competition was "100 metres althletics". Nguyen Nho Duc - K47C with the record of 9 "60 and Vu Thi Thuy Dung - K47K with the achievement of 12" 09 for two contents of men and women were the convincing winners. The content of the relay races also provided a lot of levels of emotions. With high team spirit and great pressure from the supporters, the second prize and the third prize nearly kept up with K47F which was the champion in a moment - 3'20! Considered to be the most expected content of the season - Tug of war confirmed its role and position in attracting a large crowd of attendees. The heat of the weather could not stop  the  strong athletes and the screaming of the fans. After three dramatic rounds, the K47A team was happy to be the victory team because of the strong spirit of team.
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At the same time on the morning of March 24, Badminton Tournament took place at the Multi Sport Stadium of TBUMP with 32 pairs of men and women, 17 pairs of men and 17 pairs of women. The top players from the Badminton Club being from amateur university club surprised everyone with notable achievements not only in the province but also in the country. They were expected to make the dramatic competition.
The Healthy Youth Sports Day 2018 was an opportunity for the units to meet and raise the spirit of sports for students. The event also showed youth and health of youth. "The youth of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy improve the health to construct and defend the country."

Translated by Phan Yen Nhi, class K47H and edited by Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong MA
anh co dinh lien he edit


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