Thứ tư - 16/05/2018 16:55
In the afternoon April 5th 2018, at the auditorium No. 1.09, Youth Union and Students' Association organized the Sexual Education discussion.

Participants from Executive Committee of Youth Union of first-year students and Ms. Le Thi Luyen joined the discussion. Nowadays, the figures from medical industry about abortion rates, girls who were experienced sexual violence, are alarming. Sexual education for youth is very necessary for every parent, school and community. Teaching children about basic principles to shape personality, behavior, each elementary and high school level requires that the issue of equipping sexual health knowledge is very important.

The comrades were in charge of discussing sexually transmitted diseases which caused severe damage to the body, about HIV / AIDS epidemic, social diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, fungus, they are evolving silently in the community. Every young person who is entering life, especially the students need to equip themselves with knowledge of safe sex such as using contraceptives, not premarital sex relations, prevention of transmission diseases through sex. Together with incessant social development, the integration of world culture synonymous with deviant behavior, not consistent with ethics, Vietnamese customs and tradition, has spread in a section of youth. Liberal lifestyles, premarital cohabitation, using stimulants, addictive drugs, harmful games at dancing halls, bars make young people fall into the pitfalls of social evils and dangerous diseases. Thus, building and forming a beautiful life ideal, a noble aspiration dream for the younger generation play an important role.

Love of the country, traditional ethics of the family, altruism, dedication to the collective society, striving for life in the future are the tasks and responsibility of each member to choose their right direction.
Translated by Dang Tuan Hung, class K46A and edited by Nguyen Hoang Son MA

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Le Thi Luyen guided the discussion
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anh co dinh lien he edit

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