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With the consent of the Thai Binh province’s youth union, the University Party Committee, the University Board of Management, On March 26 morning, the Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy held the 87th anniversary of the foundation of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26/3/1931 - 26/3/2018 ).
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Associate Professor Nguyen Duy Cuong - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Vice Rector presented flowers and offered congratulations
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The ceremony was attended by Vu Thi Le of Provincial Children and Youth Union and youth union secretaries of universities, colleges, armed forces and hospitals in the province. The university representatives were Associate Professor Nguyen Duy Cuong - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Rector, lecturers in the Executive Committee of the Party Committee, Board of Rectors; the former head of the university; lecturers as heads, deputy heads of departments, centers; former lecturers as secretaries and deputy secretaries of the Youth Union through different periods; together with all the comrades in the Executive Committee of the Youth Union - Student Association, the Board of chairmen of clubs, the comrades of the Youth Union, the Student Union in the whole university.
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At the ceremony, Comrade Trinh Thanh Vinh made the speech reviewing the glorious tradition of 87 years of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, 49 years of building and developing the Youth Union of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Sharing the atmosphere of the nationwide youth, the Youth Union of the university has achieved many exciting achievements, launched and implemented many diversified programs, asserting the bravery and position of the unit in the youth union mission and youth movement in Thai Binh province.
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       06 major contents, 20 specific activities, in the fields of propaganda, study, training, scientific research, community volunteering, culture and sports have created a colorful and energetic picture with the university youthful enthusiasm. 25 news articles have updated multidimensional activities from affiliated organizations, 03 student radio broadcasts have played the role of traditional education orientation of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Youth Union through historical periods, calling for participation, building, and contribution of the union members and students to the youth movement at the unit. Launching the "Study and follow the idea, ethics and style of Ho Chi Minh" for the second time in 2018 was organized by the Ministry of Education and Training. The Youth Union has had nearly 200 students registering to participate in and over 300 times of personal rounds via the internet at the website address of the contest. The Union have held a conference to implement the Resolution of the 11th National Youth Union Conference with the theme "Strengthening ideals of revolutionary education, ethics and cultural lifestyle for Vietnamese students" for 200 local youth union cadres. The Youth Union has organized exchange programs for students from 04 countries of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique with art and presentation performances, thus fostering solidarity among students to study together and help one another in their work.
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     Organizing the Youth Diaries Contest for the first time to broadcast beautiful images, good stories about students' learning, 40 diary entries and 120 photos sent to the organizers. Promoting learning activities, scientific research, together with the Students' Association organized the "Young Scientist" competition to develop and encourage the ideas of students. Launching the academic highlights at Active Learning Club, Traditional Medicine Club, English Speaking Club and French Speaking Club to celebrate the Youth Month 2018. TBUMP's Youth Union had one member joining the Yowun Puraya Youth Festival in Sri Lanka which was organized by the National Youth Service Council. Many voluntary activities were organized such as medical examination, treatment, counseling and distribution of medicines program for 200 people, giving gifts to difficult family circumstances about 10 million VND in Dong Hoang Commune, Tien Hai district, giving gifts and national flags to Tien Hai coastal fishermen. TBUMP Enthusiastic Hearts’ Club responded to the Green Sunday, voluntary days at Van Mon Dermatology and Venereology Hospital and Thai Binh province's Department of Social Services. Co-operating with the Secretariat of the Students' Association to hold the Youth Sports Athletic League in 2018 with many competitions, attracting nearly 300 athletes from 30 classes in TBUMP. Choosing 119 elite union members and introducing them to the Party Committee of TBUMP to participate in the Party Awareness Training Class 2018. With many outstanding achievements in the field of activity, it is really the dramatic execution to celebrate the traditional day of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.
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At the ceremony, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association decided to give award certificates to 10 students with excellent achievements in the work of the Association and the Student Movement in the term of 2016 - 2017 school year. The Board of Management gave 20 scholarships (about 40 million VND) to the union members who had excellent achievements in the Youth Union's missions and Youth Movement. The Secretariat of the Students' Association awarded the certificates of 10 individuals who won the 2018 Youth Diary Contest, 09 teams and 13 individuals who achieved high results in the Youth Sports Athletic League.
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  Hoa Linh Pharma Co., Ltd gave 05 scholarships worth 25 million VND to
female students with excellent results in studying and training.
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At the ceremony, on behalf of the Party Committee and the Board of Management, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Duy Cuong - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Rector acknowledged and praised the achievements of the Youth Union about implementing successful activities of Youth Month. The Vice Rector indicated the important role of the Youth Union in education, training and encouraging revolutionary ideas for union's members. Especially with medical specialties, the Youth Union should have better and more creative activities for union members and students. Together with the school but also have helpful social skills. The Vice Rector of the University wishes the Youth Union to continue to promote strengths, handle flexibly practical conditions, successfully complete the program in the term of 2017 - 2018 school year, with the best preparation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TBUMP's establishment.
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The celebration finished in a joyful atmosphere of the youth of TBUMP. It becomed the motive for students to continue to train, attempt and dedicate, build a stronger Youth Union and emulate to record achievements to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TBUMP's foundation
Translated by Tran Thi Minh Chau, class YHDP3-K9 and edited by Nguyen Hoang Son MA
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