Thứ năm - 19/04/2018 21:50
To carry out the Association's Program and the Student Movement of the Secretariat of Students' Association, the Students' Association Office of Thaibinh University of Medicine and Pharmacy organized a discussion session on friendship, love, and marriage for the Association’s members and the university’s students. The discussion was held at 5 p.m. on March 29th, 2018 at B2.08 lecture hall with the participation of a lot of first-year and second-year students.
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The discussion's theme got a lot of interests from students whose psychophysiology is completely formed and the friendship at university is not the same as the friendship at high schools. "You and I used to be strangers but here, we have unexpectedly met each other and become close". Friends of college age come not only from the different countryside but also from two countries or even two continents. In the discussion, students could share and exchange their feelings in friendship. Besides, ways to have a pure and innocent friendship and necessary principles to maintain a beautiful friendship, to find a close friend etc. have also been openly discussed.
Love and marriage are higher levels of human-to-human feelings. Entering the university is also the first step for future career, students become more mature in thoughts than at high school but still very simple and naive. Therefore, love at student age also has something interesting, romantic and attractive on its own. However, the love that does not affect the work and learning is an issue for discussion.
          The discussion session has attracted the attention and sharing of many students. They have been open, enthusiastic and sincere in sharing experience and knowledge with each other and learning the valuable experience to maintain their precious friendship, and equipping themselves with the knowledge of love and marriage. The discussion has brought about useful knowledge, which is widely accepted and received by students.
Translated by Tran Thi Minh Chau, class YHDP3-K9 and edited by Pham Thi Thanh Huyen MA
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