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On the afternoon of August 10, 2017, the Standing Board of the Youth Union and the Secretariat of the Students' Association worked with the Managing Board of Volunteer Clubs to prepare for the coming activities of the school year 2017 - 2018.
At the program, the Managing Boards of the “Enthusiastic Hearts” Club, the Voluntary Blood Donation Club and The Campus Self-Management Team had reports on four main contents: summary of activities done in the school year 2016-2017, financial work, orientations for the school year  2017 - 2018 and key personnel work.
Nguyen Xuan Hao, Chairman of the  “Enthusiastic Hearts’ Club, reported the situation of the club  in the school year  2016 - 2017 with nearly 300 members. The Club has organized over 30 volunteer activities with 03 major activities at the school level held in 05 main places: the Sponsoring Center of Thai Binh province, Van Mon Hospital of  Leprosy and Dermatology, Uncle Ho Memorial Site in Tan Hoa commune, Keo pagoda in Duy Nhat commune and Muong Lan commune in Sop Cop district, Son La province. Those activities attracted the participation and donation of  nearly 500 students  with 4000 sets of clothes, 30 warm blankets, 641 pairs of boots for poor students, nearly 30 million VND and many valuable gifts.
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The Standing Board and the Secretariat working with the Managing Board of Volunteer Clubs
to prepare for the school year 2017 - 2018.
Vu Quang Son, Chairman of the  Voluntary Blood Donation Club, presented the results achieved in the school year 2016-2017. The club organized 02 volunteer blood donation programs at the Great Hall receiving more than 1,200 blood units, 03 seminars on blood donation and founded mobilized blood donation team and House of blood groups with more than 100 members. The Club also attracted thousands of members to participate in the Red Sunday, Red Spring Festival, Summer Red Blood Drops. There were 02 students participating in the National Red Journey in 2016 and 01 student awarded the National Volunteer Award in 2016.
Pham Nhat Sinh, Leader of the Campus Self-management team reported that the team had successfully completed the security work at the student dormitory with 35 active members and 05 standing groups in charge of 02 dormitories with nearly 400 students. The whole team gave their hands to prevent and combat the consequences of 03 storms, organized 05 days of “Clean Dormitory” and mobilized members to respond to 04 mobile screenings. The team also launched the movement of culture and arts, physical training and sports in order to improve the spiritual life for many on-campus students.
Trinh Thanh Vinh (MSc), Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Students' Association highly appreciated and recognized the achievements of the 03 clubs with their essential roles in the volunteer program for community life. Moreover, he praised the achievements of the clubs, teams and individuals. He commented that the volunteer programs of the clubs in the past school year have constantly promoted the strength, enthusiasm, spirit for the community of the university’s Youth Union members. In the new school year, the Chairman of the Student Association hoped that the clubs would maintain and improve the current activities and he also suggested new and interesting programs for those clubs such as holding classes for poor students in SOS village, volunteer days to collect books for disadvantaged and poor freshmen, expanding volunteer points in more communes in Thai Binh province, developing theatricaization ofl Blood Donation Campaigns, holding classes of self-defense skills, classes of disaster prevention skills for members of the Campus Self-management team. These would create a new atmosphere, avoid the duplication of activities, and actively contact businesses and funding agencies in order to have practical, timely and diverse support. He asked the Managing Board of the clubs to creatively apply practical conditions, expand the association with the Executive Committee of the Youth Union, the support of faculties, departments and donors to better the voluntary activities and results for the sake of society.
Translated by Phan Dac Binh and edited by Pham Thi Thanh Huyen MA.
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