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In the afternoon of August 16, 2017, at the lecture hall 1.02, the Standing Board of the Youth Union and the Secretariat of the Students' Association worked with the Board of Directing of English, French and Karatedo Club.
Comrade Trịnh Thành Vinh, the Secretary of Youth Union, the Chairman of the Students' Association presided over the session. The units reported the summary content delivered during the school year 2016-2017, proposed  programs of the new school year, presented drafts of staff of the Board of Directing and key members, reported the financial work of the activities that had been implemented.
Comrades of the Board of Directing of Clubs attended the meeting
Comrade Ta Minh Hoang, the member of the Executive Board of the Youth Union, the Chairman of the French Club presented the report. In the school year 2016 - 2017, under the guidance of the French lecturers, the Department of Foreign Languages, the orientation of the Secretariat of the Students' Association, the Club had many creative activities. There were 03 Delf B1 students, 10 Delf A2 students of the French Ministry of Education according to the European Framework. Contests of  the international  Francophone  organizations on the internet and French-speaking universities over the country were actively responded by the Club's Board of Directing. The club organized the Welcome New Students Festival, celebrated the Halloween, Christmas by French culture , thereby enhanced and enlivened the learning space, brought the French language to each member. In the school year 2017-2018, the club is continuing to improve the quality of knowledge of its key members, guide classes for certification exams, build the second French Bell Ringing in 2018, develop special topics about communication skills for target groups.
Comrade Nguyen Thi Hoa, the Chairman of English Club, summarized the club's activities in the school year  2016-2017. The club had successfully completed the tasks of the movement of foreign language development, the  movement of  international student integration. With nearly 60 official  members, the unit held more than 40 weekly special topics. The unit organized 04 major programs such as the Welcome New Student Festival, Christmas, Carnival, especially successfully held the second season of the competition Ring the GoldenBell in 2017.The competition was attended by more than 50 students, through 02 rounds, the season ended in cheerfulness, enthusiasm, passion for English of students of the university. At the same time, the club linked to English centers in Thai Binh city to award 15 scholarships being worth nearly VND 20 million to members with excellent results, contributing many achievements for the foreign language movement.The unit had 02 students participating in the program of Train of East Asia - Japan Youth on Medicine and Economics in 2017. The club participated exchanging and responding  to the international scientific seminars of the school. The Board of Directing of the Club had timely attention and had many subjects to support the first year students to prepare the best for foreign language exams. The club also developed and improved  the skills of key members to attend the IELTS and TOEIC examinations according to the European Framework.
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The Board of Directing of Karateo Club reported the activities in the school year  2016 - 2017  with the continuation of the physical training classes and improving health for the members. The club organized belt examinations, reinforcement courses for the members of the Board of Directing, actively responded to movements of voluntary blood donation, prevention and overcoming natural disasters.
The Secretary of the Youth Union was delighted and appreciated the achievements of the clubs of Foreign Language in the past school year. This was the originality, creativity and bravery of the students of the school. Although the conditions were not good enough, the Board of Directoring of the Clubs was active, skillful to make use of advantages to build many useful, practical activities attracting students to participate.
Especially, we introducted many students that were good at foreign language and  learning to participate in the large intercultural exchange programs abroad organized by the Central Youth Union, Central Students’ Association. At the same time, there were foreign language Olympic contests, various topics, abundant timely meeting the aspirations for union members. With the first national EnglishOlympic in 2017 held by the Central Students’ Association, the Students' Association of University actively responded, there were many students in the two clubs participating in the provincial and national level. The president of the Students' Association was impressed by the practice and revision of the members receiving the standard foreign language certificates in the European Framework. These members will be the key force to maintain and develop the foreign language movement in the following years. In order to suggest activities in the new school year, the President proposed that the Clubs should continue to renovate academic playgrounds, contests and to diversify its foreign language transmission to students, especially; the English Bulletin was a big step in the media work of the Youth Union, the Students’ Association.
It is important to associate and exchange with foreign students working at the university and foreign students' associations in the province to support, motivate and encourage the members of the club to show the knowledge, thereby, they can easily pass certification exams. With the Karatedo Club, the Secretary of the Youth Union  asked the Board of Directing to maintain the training sessions, renew the sport contents and have many records for outstanding members.
Translated by Tran Thi Thu Hang and edited by Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong MA.
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