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In the afternoon of August 15, 2017, at the lecture hall 1.07, with the consensus of the Party Committee, the Board of Management, the Secretariat of the Vietnamese Students' Association of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy organized the launching program of the One Health Club.
The launching program had the attendance and direction of Mr. Nguyen Duy Cuong (Associate Professor, M.D), Vice-Director, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of ThaiBinh University of Medicine and Pharmacy (TBUMP) ; Mr. Pham Ngoc Khai (People’s Teacher, Associate Professor, M.D), Former Vice-Director of TBUMP; Mr. Pham Van Trong (People’s Teacher, Associate Professor, M.D), Former Dean of Public Health Faculty; Mr. Vu Phong Tuc (Associate Professor, M.D), Vice Dean of Public Health Faculty, Director of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance Center, with other lecturers of Public Health Faculty, officers of Executive Committee of Vietnamese Students’ Association of TBUMP, the University Youth Union and Board of Chairman of the University Clubs.
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At the annual Congress of the Executive Committee of the Students’ Association in June, 2017; with the consensus of the leadership of the Party Committee and the Board of Management, the council decided to establish the One Health Club that is directly under the Student’s Association of TBUMP. The One Health Club, which is the 17th club of the Students’ Association, is the maturity of the Public Health students.
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At the program, Mr.Trinh Thanh Vinh, the Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Vietnamese Students' Association, gave the decision and a bunch of flowers to Board of Chairman of the club. In his presentation, he gave some assignments to all of members in the club and congratulated them on their efforts. The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association of Public Health Faculty have a lot of members in 10 classes; therefore, building a club is directly under the Students' Association is necessary to organize effectively some professional activities. The Club’s main tasks are gathering the students who have the same ideas to participate in the operations that improve understanding and knowledge of preventing and treatment infectious diseases,emerging and re-emerging diseases in the community. The Club is also a forum where the studying movement, the “Students of Five Merits" and the creative mentality of Public health students are enhanced by organizing academic discussions, Public health or Family medicine contests and scientific researches. While talking about regulations of Association, Mr.Trinh Thanh Vinh suggested the Board of Chairman of the club should perform well all of the missions that is the Association’s activities, the student movements and weekly discussions. On behalf of the Youth Union and the Students' Association of the University, he also would like to thank the Board of Management of TBUMP and lecturers of the Public Health Faculty for this exhortation and tutorial. In the new school year, the Secretariat of the University Students' Association hoped that the lecturers of the Public Health Faculty would help the One Health Club with meaningful activities.
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Having speech as Public Health Faculty representative, Mr. Vu Phong Tuc (Associate Professor, M.D), Vice Dean of the Faculty, respectfully gave the congratulation to Vietnamese Students’ Association of TBUMP, the University Youth Union and One Health Club. With the Faculty missionary target in researching works, treatment and prevention that associated with community’s health, the organization of the Club will have more prospects of joining hands with lecturers to organize the events that are at the height of experimental value. The Faculty Vice-Dean introduced about VOHUN organization (Vietnam One Health University Network), through a significant number of activities that are experimental combination of Local Government, Health Major, Veterinary and Environmental Science to solve the emergency problems that have risk to human health and environment especially the animals. The Associate Professor respectfully acknowledged the responsible spirit of Liaison Committee which organized lots of meaning activities before the foundation of Club, such as organizing the practical program to study about streptococcus suis infection, presentation contest studying about Rabies and some interesting seminar about infectious diseases which were attracted lots of students' participation. He, along with Faculty personnel, will instruct, support and help the Club to have ebullient operations, bring a lot of knowledge to students and help them to have more researching ideas and initiatives that apply to health care in local areas.
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Having guided speech, Mr. Nguyen Duy Cuong (Associate Professor, M.D), Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, the University Vice-Director, congratulated the One Health Club on the fact that organizing at the beginning of new academic year is a quality change in development process of The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association of Public Health Faculty. It needs the attempt of each member, especially the Board of Chairman need to construct detailed plans, determine on focusing mission clearly and practical needs for the Club members. Mr. Cuong acknowledged and congratulated the University Students’ Association and proposed the Executive Committee to keep creating, increasing the typical exemplars, learning innovative approaches to improve the studying and practising movements that will help to manage and develop the clubs, teams and groups. He respectfully proposed the Public Health Faculty and the Youth Union, the Students’ Association to help the first generation of the Club about the contents of activities, orientation in the core knowledge, encouragement to the excellent members. The Vice-Director hoped that in the new academic year, the One Health Club will have lots of focused practical programs and activities, strengthen the studying exchange among the clubs of national universities, thereby constructing and developing friendly and good environment with the Students’ Association to help future doctors and pharmacists with expertise in the profession, flexibility in social knowledge and having plenty of morality and humanity.
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Having speech as Board of Chairman representative, Comrade Pham Nhat Sinh respectfully thanked the leaders of Party Committee, the Board of Management and the lecturers of the University Student’s Association, the Youth Union and the Public Health Faculty. He promised to complete academic years' mission with the unit’s collective in a brilliant way, develop the Club to become strong and solidary that’s worthy with this belief and expectation.
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Translated by Ngo Minh Hai, Do Manh Tien and edited by Nguyễn Thị Thanh Huong MA
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