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In the morning of August 10, 2017, at Great Lecture Hall, Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy (TBUMP) organized the Blood Donation Program – Lovely Pink Festival Day.
The program was attended and supported by Do Trong Minh - the Member of Thai Binh Steering Committee of Voluntary Blood Donation, the Teacher of Merit, Associate Professor Hoang Nang Trong - Party Committee Secretary, Rector, Head of the Steering Committee of Voluntary Blood Donation at TBUMP, the members of Standing Boards of the Youth Union, the Secretariat of the Students’ Association, the lecturers of Hematology and Blood Transfusion and the comrades of the Hematology Department of Thai Binh General Hospital and nearly 500 union members and students.   
MG 5090
Students filling in the their profiles before donating blood
In this second Voluntary Blood Donation Program in 2017 directed by Party Committee and Board of Management, the University Youth Union and Student Association of TBUMP prepared the conditions and widely announced to the attached units and assigned the Managing Board of Voluntary Blood Donation Club to be in charge of receiving, instructing, caring and supporting the union and association members who participated in donating. Although the program was launched in the hot weather, with the humanity and noble behavior to donate the blood to help the emergency patients in time, the Organizing Committee received the fully enthusiastic and responsible participation of the union members and students of TBUMP. While maintaining and developing a team of volunteers with the skills to organize, arrange and distribute the necessary positions for a blood transfusion session, the Club has continually continued the experience of previous generations, perfected and assured the best support to successfully contribute to the lovely pink feast day of August 2017. 
MG 5112
The place of receiving voluntary blood
With 369 units of received blood, the organizers acknowledge and appreciate the volunteer spirit of the students. In the contribution to movement of voluntary blood donation of the whole Thai Binh province, the Youth Union and the Students' Association should continue to initiate many contests and exchange programs to propagate, diffuse and introduce more diversely about life saving blood donation. From then on, every doctor and pharmacist from  TBUMP will be proud in the future, bringing with them the spirit of social responsibility, sacrifice and love of human beings, the endless effort in caring and protecting people's health.
Translated by Do Manh Tien and edited by Nguyen Hoang Son MA.
anh co dinh lien he

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