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On the afternoon of 06/9/2017, MSc Trinh Thanh Vinh, Member of Thai Binh Province Youth Union Executive Board, Secretary of the Youth Union, President of the Student Union, presided over the meeting of Executive Committee of Youth Union, Student Union 09 in 2017.
The Secretary of the Youth Union summed up the activities achieved in August 2017. He recognized and praised the spirit, efforts and striving of the comrades of the Executive Board, the Board of Chairmen of the sub-clubs. The unit held a conference to deploy the tasks of 2017 – 2018 school year  with the participation of the Executive Board of the Youth Union of the school and classes. In the conference, the Standing Board, the Secretariat summarized the activities of the 2016 – 2017 school year, announced the commendation decisions  by the Central Union of Vietnamese Students and Thai Binh Province Youth Union. The Standing Board and the Secretariat worked in 04 sessions with the Board of Chairmen of 17 affiliated clubs with the oriented programs of the school year, exchanging answers to problems encountered during the implementation. The Youth Union of TBUMP participated in “Humanitarian examining and treating illnesses” group in Son Dong, Bac Giang Province with the direction of the Party Committee and the Board of Management of TBUMP. The Union also organized the Blood Donation – Lovely Pink Festival with 369 received blood units. The office of Students’ Union opened the implementation of “Students’ TBUMP” News on Facebook and Youtube to develop the communication and strengthen the attraction to create a motive to study and practice of union members and students. With the agreement of the Party Committee and Board of Management, the Secretariat of Students’ Union of TBUMP decided to establish the One Health Club to develop the movement of Public Health Faculty.
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MSc Trinh Thanh Vinh, Secretary of the Youth Union, President of Student Union presided over the meeting
Implementing the tasks of September 2017, the Chairman of Vietnamese Students’ Association of TBUMP emphasized the main activities about supporting the first year students in the day of beginning the school term, preparing for the “Welcome First Year Students” music festival night and participating in supporting for the Entrance Ceremony, focusing on directing HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union, Vietnamese Students’ Association of the Classes to organize the general meeting of term 2017-2018, directing the Executive Committee of Youth Union and Students’ Association of First Year Classes to stable the organization and implementing the  and University Youth Union and Students’ Association activities, instructing the units to hold the meeting that confirm to introduce the student to enroll in the Party. Construction the News “ The Beauty Stories” on Web Portal to promote  praising the excellent students, the examples in studying and training, organizing topics about “Five Good Merits Students”, learning about ASEAN, communication to prevent the harmful effect of drugs and focusing on organizing the 4th Medicine Olympic of 2007 with the pharmacy topic.
At the conference, the comrades contributed the ideas to focus on maintaining the regulations of clubs, assisting the second-year students to prepare the “Welcome First-Year Students” music festival night, convening to confirm to introduce the students who have difficult situations to receive the scholarships from the businesses and English centers.
Translated by Do Manh Tien and edited by Nguyen Hoang Son MA.
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