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On the morning of April 12nd, 2018, Vietnamese Students’ Association of TBUMP’s Office organized a workshop on Vietnam’s integration process.
The workshop on Vietnam’s integration process is one of those that Vietnamese Students’ Association of TBUMP’s Office organized for the class of equipping social and practical skills for members of Executive Committee, Vietnamese Students’ Association of the 1st and 2nd year at the university. The presenter of the workshop, Le Thi Tuyen, briefed about important events of foreign affairs of Vietnam. In 2017, Vietnam specially hosted the Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC). This was the second time Vietnam hosted APEC over the past 10 years, which was a vivid proof of the credibility of international friends for Vietnam as well as the efforts of integrating comprehensively and extensively of Vietnam. Tuyen also mentioned the solidarity year between Vietnam- Laos, because the relationship between Laos and Vietnam was extremely important and meaningful for people of 2 countries. Hundreds of activities were organized to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic relations  (September 5th, 1962 - 2017) and the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (July 18th, 1977- 2017). Besides, the year 2017 also marked 40 years of Vietnam participation to the United Nations from September 20th , 1977; since then the relation of Vietnam and United Nations has been more and more growing. ASEAN has been founded for 50 years and 22 year milestone of Vietnam’s participation. Vietnam has been associating and cooperating with many countries and lots of opportunities and challenges means that our country need to innovate frequently, properly define the path of development under the master of the 12th National Party Congress. Tuyen also cited external policies of the Party in implementing the resolution of the 12th National Congress of Communist Party of Vietnam. In the field of medicine, the national health sector has applied a lot of scientific achievements in disease treatment and prevention of many pandemics emerging in the 21st century. Each student should actively equip themselves with foreign languages, strong political will, passion for learning and scientific research so that when the industrial era 4.0 occurs all over the world, TBUMP students, along with young generations of  the country could strive to serve and contribute for the development of a strong and beautiful Vietnam.
Translated by Doan Anh Duong, class K47G and edited by Pham Thi Thanh Huyen MA
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