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On the afternoon of April 19, 2018 Students Association‘s office held a workshop on harm prevention of online games and cigarettes in the social knowledge class
Games are known to be one of means of entertainment ever since the invention of computer and the outburst of Internet. More and more new online games with various and nice structures attract a lot of young people. However, in our society today, there is a large number of young people that pass the boundary of entertainment to addiction. Net games houses are opened widely and active 24 hours a day in big cities and even in rural areas. Class performance, intellectual capacity and strength decline because of spending too much time playing virtual games. The change in everyday routine of many young people makes families and  schools be concerned. Moreover, negative thought and violence when addicting to games can cause change in your personality. There are many tragical cases that killers kill their own family members because of lacking money to play games. The problem is that awareness of the harm of online games should be realized soon and the intervention of families and schools are necessary. Instead of playing games, we should encourage individuals to develop their talents for music, song composing, sports, painting or participating in social activities. Young generation of the country needs to work hard for not only their specialization but also their personality and morality. The goal of dedication to build homeland, the ideal of good human life must be multiplied and nursed early even when they are still young. Let games be a useful mean of entertainment. Don’t let games control players’ lives.
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Besides, in the workshop, Hoang Thi Kim Dung also shared information about the harm of cigarettes to social life. Despite propaganda about the harm of cigarettes to human health, a number of people still use them and the spending on them is increasing. Lung diseases, especially lung cancer, are alarming bells for smokers. Furthermore, smoke also does harm to non-smokers. Women during pregnancy period, children, the old are suffering harmful effects of smoke every day. It is required that the determination of smokers even with long- time smokers to quit smoking is very vital. Society is helping to increase the number of people quitting, and reduce the number of re-smokers. Let do for the future of young generation, non-smokers’ home and healthy life. Money used for cigarettes can be used in social security fund. The message about dropping smoking is a crucial method for a safe and developed community.
Translated by Pham Xuan Bach, class K47H and edited by Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong MA
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