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The next session of exchanging students' skills to TBUMP's union members and students, "President Ho Chi Minh - The nation's pride”, was held at 5 p.m, October 11th, 2018 by the Students' Association Office. The session had the participation of the second-year members of TBUMP Youth Union and Students' Association.
Nguyen Tuan Minh - Member of the Executive Committee of TBUMP’s Youth Union at the session.
        With the main content revolving about the great President Ho Chi Minh, participants discussed about his career and life since he embarked aboard the ship Admiral Latouche Treville in 1911 to sail to France and other continents to seek a path to the national salvation. With the role of a revolutionary leader, Uncle Ho successfully completed his mission to the people and the country. He was not only the founder of the Vietnam Communist Party, but also with the Party led the way for Vietnamese people to break the colonial and slave chains and gain the right to live in freedom for Vietnamese people. The communist soldier Nguyen Ai Quoc became the first President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam with the sovereign independence. If comparing the career of fighting against aggression and national defense in thirty years of our nation as a ship in the ocean full of storms, President Ho Chi Minh was a talented and wise captain who navigated the ship through the ups and downs and landed in glory.
        President Ho Chi Minh was not only an outstanding revolutionary leader, but also the inspiration for the youth in particular and the people in general about his lifestyle and moral examples. What we can see in Uncle Ho is the incredible simplicity and humility. Despite being a president, Uncle Ho always practiced saving, from the way of dressing and the accommodation to traveling to work. To him, he always tried to avoid wastefulness because, for him, it is blood and sweat of his people. Taking people as root and having people’s support and belief, the roots of the Party will be sustainable. The session "Ho Chi Minh - National pride" helped analyze and discuss a small aspect in the great style of Ho Chi Minh to educate and increase awareness among students. Besides simplicity and humility, President Ho Chi Minh was the person with a very scientific style and always self-learnt. Perhaps, just few leaders in the world could master dozens of languages like Uncle Ho Chi Minh. It is not a natural talent; it comes from the hard-working training, progressive spirit, and revolutionary ideal. Throughout his life, he devoted himself to the nation and Vietnamese people.

                            "... He loves the elder and gives them silks when spring comes,
                                 He loves small grandchildren and sends them gifts at Mid-autumn.
                                 He loves the civilian group sleeping in the forest tonight,
                                 He loves the soldiers guarding by the border.
                                 He writes a letter to send a lot of love ... "
        Songs’ lyrics of musician Thuan Yen partially prove the endless love of Uncle Ho toward people in all classes and all ages. Perhaps these are the motivation for him to work, fight for independence and freedom and contribute tirelessly to the last moments of his life. So far, in the Vietnamese people's hearts, Uncle Ho has always been a monument and a benefactor who brought the light of peace for our life today.
        The session was organized not only to raise the pride and gratitude to Uncle Ho but also to encourage the striving ideal for the students in the era of integration and development. The example of President Ho Chi Minh's lifestyle and ethics has always been the guideline for the Vietnamese youth. The session brought about emotions and it was one of the activities to congratulate the success of the 10th Congress of the Vietnam Students’ Association of TBUMP, and to welcome the 10th National Congress of Vietnam Students’ Association and the 50th anniversary of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Translated by Tran Thi Minh Chau, class YHDP K9 and edited by Pham Thi Thanh Huyen MA
The students attending the session
The session achieved some good results with a lot of human values
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