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Implementing Students’ Association’s programs and students’ movement 2018-2019 of the secretary committee of Vietnamese Students’ Association; Students’ Association’s programs and students’ movement 2018-2019 of the secretary committee of TBUMP’s Students’ Association; responding to “I love my country” movement of Vietnam Youth Federation ‘s 7th national congress 2014-2019 term; responding to “Winter volunteer” program 2018 and “Spring volunteer”, “Love for Tet” 2019 of Vietnam Youth Federation; with the agreement of TBUMP’ s communist party committee and administrators, from January 17th 2019 to January 19th 2019, TBUMP’s Youth Union, Students’ Association held 7th “Warm highlands” 2019 in Ban Cong, Tram Tau, Yen Bai.
Representatives of TBUMP took a photo with staffs and students taking part in
“Warm highlands” program
“Warm highlands” is a program held annually by TBUMP’s Youth Union – Union of Students in order to help families with difficult situations, poor kids from rural regions and spread the message to all Youth Union’ s members, youth inside and outside TBUMP to act together for a better life.
          After a month of donating, the program received the enthusiastic support form TBUMP’ s staffs, students, companies and organizations. At 7 a.m on January 17th 2019, the group with the message “Spring Volunteer – Love for Tet” started to travel to Ban Cong, Tram Tau, Yen Bai province. The group consisted of 30 members representing for TBUMP’ s staffs and students, among them there were 12 members being doctors, lecturers in TBUMP’s Faculty, Department, representatives from Youth Union and Union of Students’ executive committee and members from the Enthusiastic Hearts Club.
          Crossing over 400km of rough mountain terrain under freezing winds, with high determination, the group brought medicine, presents to people in Ban Cong. At 5.30 p.m on the same day, the group arrived in Tram Tau, met and discussed the plan with local authorities.
          At 7.30 a.m on January 18th 2019, the group arrived in Ban Cong to get ready for the program. On the way to people’ s committee of Ban Cong, there were only a few simple, crooked houses under the morning fog, children with bare feet, thin clothes made everyone throbbing. When they arrived, the fog was still thick, covering a whole area. The group and local authorities started to prepare for the program immediately.
          Being a poor area with low density of population and difficult traffic (traveling in the area mainly on foot), people mostly are H’Mông, illiteracy rate is high, people cannot speak Vietnamese so communication, health examination, and medicine distribution met certain difficulties. But with enthusiastic spirits, the group examined, consulted and distributed free medicine to more than 200 people; gave 20 blankets to 20 policy families; 01 ton of rice, more than 2000 old warm categorized suits to people in the area. The examination ended at 1.00 p.m on the same day. Although the weather was cold, on everyone’ s face sweat still fell. The group ate lunch quickly to get ready for afternoon’ s work.
          At 2p.m on the same day, the group began to prepare for exchanged program, gave presents to the area kindergarten, secondary school, primary school of Ban Cong. The group gave 258 beanies, shocks to kids from local kindergarten; 392 jackets to primary students; 08 bookshelves and new books to 08 secondary school classes, 20 gifts to poor but good students; 01 water purifier and 02 computer sets to 02 schools. Total price of medicine and presents of the program was up to 150 million dong.
          Besides, the group organized art exchanging program with the locals and students from local primary and secondary schools. The voices of H’Mông girl, Xòe ‘s dance truly went into people’ s hearts. The performances of local students and members of the Enthusiastic Hearts Club really brought a fresh and attractive atmosphere. The exchange program really joined the group and Ban Cong’ s people. Everyone was hands in hands performing Xòe’ s dance. This place really looked like a festival where everyone all was happy. The exchange ended in the cherish but nostalgical atmosphere between the group and the local people of Ban Cong
          Saying goodbye to the locals, on the morning of January 19th 2019, the group returned to TBUMP. The program was a meaningful activity that helped to share difficulties of the locals. Hoping that small presents of the program will partly share the difficulties in life especially in the upcoming Ky Hoi Tet Holiday 2019. The program also helped to spread good traditions “Love each other”, “Help each other” to all TBUMP’s youth union’ s members and students.
Translated by Pham Xuan Bach, class K47H and edited by Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong MA
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