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On the afternoon of May 17, 2018, the Student Union Office organized a seminar on preventing the damage of HIV / AIDS at the social practicing and training class for the Executive Committee of the Youth Union of the first and second classes.
The HIV / AIDS epidemic is still a top concern in many countries around the world. The appearance  and outbreak of the epidemic has caused so many deaths and major economic problems and social burdens. Comrade Bui Cao Thang introduced the overall history of the disease, the signs of the virus and the universal naming convention of the World Health Organization; analysizing clinical manifestations of HIV patients through window periods, asymptomatic and symptomatic. AIDS is the most dangerous level to a patient's life with severe immunodeficiency so that opportunistic infections easily attack the body. However, the window period is very important because it lasts about 3-6 months after the risk of infection. Up to 80% of the cases show no symptoms and comes after 12 weeks of infection. Only rapid HIV test results are accurate. Therefore, at this stage, patients easily spread the virus to many other people in the society. Prolonged manifestations of fever, weight loss, and skin diseases are indications of a period of symptoms when the HIV virus has strongly attacked the body's immune system. Mr. Thang presented and analyzed the morbidity and mortality rates of the epidemic in Vietnam and in the world. The numbers are constantly rising and it is just the tip of the iceberg of a pandemic lurking in the community of residential areas. The main routes of transmission of HIV are unprotected sex, perinatal transmission, blood transmission, etc. In this way, the head of the subject emphasized the measures for self-protection and to help support the community in limiting the harm of HIV / AIDS. Young people need to have a correct and positive attitude, avoid the life style of enjoying life. When they have been addicted to drugs, they are easily infected by HIV through injection. In addition to being faithful and healthy, there are no dangerous relationships in bars, discos or with potential sex workers. Mothers who are infected with HIV should actively take care of their children while they are nursing their children. They should have their children bottle- fed. In addition, the awareness of individuals with HIV communities needs to be concerned specially. Please share, support and care for patients so that they have more encouragement and motivation to live, treat diseases and integrate with society, to be the active communicators in infection control.
Translated by Phan Yen Nhi, class K47H and edited by Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong MA
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Bui Cao Thang ’s presentation in the workshop
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