HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union Receiving Certificate of Merit from Prime Minister 2017

Thứ tư - 20/12/2017 18:25
On November 17th 2017, at the Grand hall, the Youth Union of Thaibinh University of Medicine and Pharmacy (TBUMP) was privileged to receive Certificate of Merit from Prime Minister at 35 Years Vietnamese Teacher’s Day Anniversary hosted by The University Board of Management.
With the emotive atmosphere of the cadres and union members, the Youth Union continues to actively carry out the tasks of the school year to get achievements to congratulate the success of the 17th Congress of Thaibinh Provincial Youth Union, toward the 11th National Youth Union Congress. TBUMP Youth Union has honorably received the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for making many achievements and contributing to the protection and care for people's health. This is the second time TBUMP’s Youth Union has been recognized by the Prime Minister for its outstanding achievements, actively contributing to the building of the school and youth programs.
In the past years, with the direction of Thaibinh Provincial Youth Union, the Party Committee, the Board of Management, Youth Union keeps being the pioneer in the development and completion of outstanding programs of students. It has continuously expanded and improved the quality of the intellectual living environment to meet the aspirations of students. It successfully established voluntary activities for people's health care and for community life. Particularly, the Youth union has also focused on the training and fostering elite union members for Vietnamese Communist Party. In May 2017, the XXVII Youth Union Congress of the 2017 - 2019 school year was held successfully. The congress has set up a lot of new orientations and solutions consistent to the development of society and the country. The Executive Board of the Youth Union, the University Youth Union, the Youth Unions of classes are gradually improving their social skills, improving their knowledge, their political skills in order to contribute to the development of programs and movements.
In the future, TBUMP’s Youth Union still maintains its concrete orientation, sticking to the union members’ thoughts and lives, and enhance the quality of the meeting sessions. Besides, the Union also will create and establish more academic playgrounds, expand scientific researches in students, equip students with practical social skills to prepare and adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Translated by Đang Tuan Hung, class K46A and edited by Pham Thi Thanh Huyen MA

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