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On the afternoon of August 2nd, 2018, in Nguyen Xa Commune, Vu Thu District, Thai Binh Province, the Students Association of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy together with Vu Thu district Youth Union held the closing ceremony of the volunteer English teaching program - Green Summer 2018.
The closing ceremony had the participation of Mr. Trinh Thanh Vinh, Secretary of the Youth Union, President of TBUMP Student Union and members of the Standing Committee,  TBUMP Secretariat,  Mr. Tran Duc Toan - Secretary of Vu Thu district Youth Union, the teachers of Nguyen Xa primary school, the volunteers of TBUMP English Speaking Club and more than 50 pupils attending the class.
Speaking at the closing ceremony, Phan Dac Binh, Head of English Speaking Club, respectfully acknowledged and appreciated the sense of responsibility and the desire to learn of the pupils of Nguyen Xa and Vu Hoi communes. The pupils were very hardworking and actively participated in 8 lessons with lots of interesting activities. A total of 16 lessons in 4 weeks in two communes with 8 interesting themes, with the spirit of "learning to play, playing to learn", the program has ensured the initial goal of equipping the pupils with basic communication skills so that they could confidently introduce themselves and communicate simply in English.
Representing more than 100 pupils attending the classes in two communes, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen who came from class 6B Nguyen Xa Secondary school gave a speech after the course. She sent her sincere thanks to the teachers, volunteer students of Thai Binh University of the Medicine and Pharmacy and Vu Thu District Youth Union for organizing this meaningful program. According to her, this program not only helped them review their knowledge but also inspired them to learn English, made them become more motivated in learning the language well. Mr. Hoang Xuan Dinh, the Youth Union staff of Nguyen Xa commune also congratulated and thanked the Students’ Association of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as all the students and the pupils who were very enthusiastic and responsible for a successful program. He hoped the success of volunteer English teaching program - Green Summer 2018 will be a prerequisite for the Students Association of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy and English Speaking Club to organize more meaningful activities. He also would like to have chances to work with TBUMP Student Union in many other coming activities. Finally, he wished the Students’ Association would have a successful new school year and students and pupils would start the new school with full of confidence and get good results.
At the end of the closing ceremony, representatives of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vu Thu district youth union, volunteer students and all pupils had a happy and emotional party.
Translated by Phan Yen Nhi, class K47H and edited by Pham Thi Thanh Huyen MA
ảnh 1
Mr. Tran Duc Toan, Secretary of Vu Thu District Youth Union (left), Mr. Trinh Thanh Vinh, Secretary of TBUMP Youth Union, Chairman of Students’ Association (right)
ảnh 2
Emotional closing ceremony at Nguyen Xa Primary school
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