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Afternoon May 10th 2018, Students' Association is opening the Fire prevention and Drowning prevention topics at social skills training classroom.
Fire related issues and reflection skills needed when the fire situation in society today is necessary for each person. Mrs Vu Thi Hong Chuyen has raised the current situation with many fires and explosions such as waste-material facilities, markets, old apartment buildings and places which are easy to be ignited. Many people's lives were lost in fire accidents, but the danger level will decrease if you know how to handle it in time. You need a calm attitude and quick observation of the signs of smoke, fire with the basic steps such as turning off the main power, using fire extinguishers and calling police fire. And finding the escape route skill, avoiding gases poisoning in the fire, was clearly directed by Mrs Chuyen. Activities such as regular inspection of electrical systems, fire extinguishers such as faucets, aerosols are very necessary, or some very small risks such as cigarette smoking, candles, incense sticks or gas stoves is something everyone must pay attention to.
            Drowning is a very pitiful problem in the past few years every summer. Especially the regions has rivers, streams, near the sea, ponds with the children are playing nearby. And now the training of drowning prevention or swimming class is too little to mostly children. Families need to manage their children carefully and teach them what they have to do and not do with their drowning friends. Having safe play areas for children will help them limit drowning in rivers and lakes. Children need to learn swimming and first aid skills such as chest compressions, artificial respiration with drowning. The country with many systems of rivers, lakes and lakes in many regions need the participation of the school and society to jointly reduce the dreadful harm caused by drowning.
Translated by Dang Tuan Hung, class K46A and edited by Nguyen Hoang Son MA
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