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In the afternoon Jun 28th 2018, at the 3rd floor Hall of the 15-floor building, the Youth Union and the Students' Association held the summary of the National University Entrance Exam Support Campaign of the year 2018.
The participants were Mr. Trinh Thanh Vinh - Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Student Association, the Standing Committee, Secretariat members and nearly 200 campaign volunteers. Mr. Vinh acknowledged and appreciated the students' enthusiasm for providing counseling and support to their applicants and families in the National University Entrance Exam of 2018. With 160 volunteers, in charge of 05 test sites within 04 days, donated 200 hand-fans, 400 water bottles, consultation for 1000 candidates and their relatives. The Office of the Steering Committee organized cultural exchange activities at the volunteer sites, friendly football matches between the teams in the exam season and suggested activities as gifts for the contestants and welcomed them for completing their exam. The Secretary of the Youth Union would like to thank the leaders of Thai Binh Provincial Youth Union, the Party Committee, the School Board, the business agencies who helped to organize the program. The Student Union organized the contest "2nd season volunteer voice" of 2018, photo competition "volunteer moment" to connect, created a number of fun activities, solidarity for volunteers.  Beautiful pictures of the campaign, unforgettable memories in the days of supporting the candidates and their parents, the moments together for the society. With the link through the fan page, Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy students voted the most favourite works. Volunteer singing competition resonated vibrantly and youthfully with 06 teams competing dance genres, flashmob, collective singing showing hard and creative volunteer work.  Mr. Vinh expressed his wish that  in the next years the activities of the Exam supporting campaign would continue to receive the participation of many members and students and acknowledged that this was the flagship program in the Green Summer campaign. In July 2018, the Student Union held voluntary English teaching, counseling and medicine distribution for some disadvantaged communes in Thai Binh. For a happy and safe summer holiday, Mr. Vinh desired the volunteers to be always healthy, learn more and better and keep their enthusiasm for serving the country and society.
            At the program, the Student Union Secretariat awarded certificates of merit to 25 individuals who have made many contributions to the 2018 Exam Support Campaign. Gifts and prizes were awarded to 03 collectives and individuals who won the photo prize "Volunteer moments", 06 prizes for teams participating in the contest " season 2 volunteer voice" of 2018.
Translated by Dang Tuan Hung, class K47A and edited by Nguyen Hoang Son MA
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Trinh Thanh Vinh MA made a speech
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Season 2 Volunteer voice 2018 
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Students' Association 's Secretary Committee gave reward to volunteers
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Organizing Committee awarded prizes in Season 2 Volunteer voice 2018
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